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Hailey Friedman

Hailey Friedman

Hailey Friedman is a San Francisco resident passionate about sharing tips and advice on health, wellness, and the best fitness services in San Francisco.

Strength training and conditioning offer numerous benefits, including increased muscle strength, improved cardiovascular health, and enhanced mental well-being. It can even help improve your thinking and learning capabilities.

San Francisco residents have a variety of top-notch fitness classes nearby to choose from. This guide rounds up the best strength training and conditioning classes and provides answers to common questions.


Best Strength Training & Conditioning Classes in San Francisco 

Explore the top strength training and conditioning classes in San Francisco. From luxurious facilities with cutting-edge technology to boutique studios offering personalized experiences, here are some of the best options in the city to elevate your fitness routine.


1. Live Fit Gym Castro

Live Fit Gym APP

Location: 2145 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114


  • Mon-Fri: 5am-10pm
  • Sat & Sun: 6am-6pm

Live Fit Gym Castro spans 16,000 sq ft, offering an immersive wellness experience.  With ample space and top-of-the-line equipment, members can focus on building strength without waiting for equipment. 

The gym offers a variety of classes like Total Body Bootcamp, HIIT classes, circuit training, and more, taught by expert trainers. In addition, the facility provides unlimited classes taught by experts, certified personal trainers, acupuncture and chiropractic services, advanced technology, and more, delivering a luxury fitness experience.

Classes & Services:

  • Acupuncture
  • Calisthenics
  • Cardio and Strength Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Chiropractor
  • Equipment, including medicine balls, squat racks, TRX and weights
  • Grab N’ Go Cafe
  • Yoga classes, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and slow flow
  • Heat the Beat Strength
  • High Fitness
  • Live Fit-Level UP
  • Lunch Box
  • Luxury Locker Room with Showers and Towel Service
  • Mat Pilates
  • On-Site Parking
  • Personal Training
  • Reset & Restore
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Total Body Bootcamp
  • Total Body HIIT
  • WiFi
  • Work Lounge

Memberships & Pricing:

  • Premier: $127/month for access to all 8 locations
  • Tune-Up: $207/month, add two chiropractic adjustments per month
  • Wellness: $367/month, add four chiropractic adjustments per month

Join The Castro by Live Fit Gym today!


2. Live Fit Gym Inner Richmond

Live Fit Gym APP

Location: 403 Arguello Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

Hours: Everyday, 5am-11pm

Live Fit Gym Inner Richmond, housed in a beautifully repurposed historic Masonic Temple, offers an exceptional strength training and conditioning experience. In addition, there are chiropractic and massage services offered at this location. 

Their specialty strength training and conditioning classes include Muscle Maxout, Vinyasa yoga, Ath-elite training, and more. Whether you’re an athlete looking to reach peak performance, or a beginner just starting your fitness journey, Live Fit Gym Inner Richmond has something for everyone.

Classes & Services:

  • Acupuncture
  • Ath-Elite Training
  • Cardio and strength training
  • Changing room
  • Chiropractor
  • Classes
  • Lockers
  • Massage options
  • Metabolic Master
  • Muscle Maxout
  • Next Phase Circuit Training
  • Personal training
  • Super-set Cal-Aesthetics
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Weights
  • Wifi

Memberships & Pricing:

  • Basic: $107/month, includes access to 6 locations 
  • Tune-Up: $187/month, add two chiropractic adjustments per month
  • Wellness: $347/month, add four chiropractic adjustments per month


3. Rumble Boxing

Rumble Boxing

Location: 3060 Fillmore St, Suite 120-A, San Francisco, CA 94123


  • Mon: 6:30am-1:30pm, 3-8pm
  • Tues: 5:30-10am, 4-8pm
  • Wed: 5:30-10am, 3-8pm
  • Thu: 6:30am-1:30pm, 4-8pm
  • Fri: 5:30am-1:30pm, 3-7pm
  • Sat-Sun: 7:30am-1pm

Rumble Boxing offers strength training and conditioning exercises centered around boxing. Classes cater to different experience levels and goals, including a 30-minute Strength full body class, 60-minute Level Up class, and various signature full body and focused area classes. The facility includes locker rooms, boxing glove rentals, and a boutique where you can buy your very own set of boxing gloves.

Classes & Services:

  • 30-minute Strength Full Body
  • 60-minute Level Up
  • Boxing glove rental available
  • Men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers, towels, hair dryers, and toiletries available
  • Retail boutique
  • Signature O.G. Full Body
  • Signature O.G. Lower Body
  • Signature O.G. Upper Body

Memberships & Pricing:

  • 4 classes/month, $129/month
  • 8 classes/month, $199/month
  • Unlimited classes/month, $249/month


4. moveSF

Location:1463 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94109


  • Mon-Fri: 6am–8pm
  • Sat: 8am-12pm

MoveSF provides three types of workouts focusing on strength, cardio, muscle building, fat burning, and core strengthening, adaptable for all fitness levels. All the necessary equipment for each class is provided, including weights, resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and TRX suspension training machines. The studio features changing rooms, cubbies for personal belongings, and towels.

Classes & Services:

  • Changing rooms with bathroom
  • Cubbies for personal belongings
  • Equipment provided
  • Mashup: Sculpt + HIIT
  • Sculpt series
  • Total Body Conditioning
  • Towels provided

Memberships & Pricing:

  • Single class, $38
  • 3-class package, $45
  • 5-class package, $170
  • 10-class package, $320
  • 20-class package $600
  • 50-class package, $1300
  • 4 classes/month membership, $109/month
  • 8 classes/month membership, $199/month
  • 12 classes/month membership, $269/month
  • Unlimited classes per month, $299/month


5. CB Fit

CB Fit logo

Location: 1840 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA 94596


  • Mon: 6am-1pm, 4:15-7:15pm
  • Tues: 6-11am, 4:15-8:15pm
  • Wed: 6-11am, 4:15-7:15pm
  • Thu: 6-11am, 4:15-7:15pm
  • Fri: 6-11am, 4:15-6pm
  • Sat: 7am-12pm
  • Sun: 8am-1pm

CB FIT offers small group workouts such as Lagree classes for muscle toning, or climbing classes for HIIT. Their facilities have rooms housing specialty machines-the Megaformers for Lagree, and the Power Tower for climbing. Each class aims to be high-intensity with low impact.

Classes & Services:

  • Free parking
  • Machine overviews
  • Retail counter
  • CB Fit app for schedules and classes
  • Synergy Power Tower fitness machine with weights
  • Lagree Megaformer M3K machine
  • Lagree classes
  • Climb x Bootcamp classes
  • Combo classes
  • Trifecta classes

Memberships & Pricing:

  • First Class special, $20 each
  • Intro Unlimited Month, $155
  • Monthly Unlimited Membership (3 month minimum commitment), $199
  • 8 classes/month membership, $169
  • 4 classes/month membership, $119
  • Unlimited classes/month membership, $245
  • Single class drop in, $35
  • 5-class pack, $150
  • 10-class pack, $280
  • 20-class pack, $500
  • 30-class pack, $690


6. Koi Fitness

Koi Fitness logo

Location: Golden Gate Park Bandshell, 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118


  • Mon-Thu: 6am-6:30pm
  • Sat: 9-10am

Koi Fitness provides individual and small group training, corporate and team training, and signature outdoor boot camps, as well as HIIT and Kettlebell classes. The studio focuses on vigorous exercise balanced with thoughtful nutrition and positive encouragement. 

Classes & Services:

  • Bootcamp
  • Virtual classes
  • Personal training

Memberships & Pricing:

  • Annual package, $200/month
  • 6-month package, $216/month
  • 4 days/week, for 6 weeks: $365 ($15/class)
  • 3 days/week, for 6 weeks: $310 ($17.20/class)
  • 2 days/week, for 6 weeks: $220 ($18/class)
  • 1 day/week, for 6 weeks: $120 ($20/class)
  • Drop in, $23/class


7. Sweat Health + Fitness

Sweat Health + Fitness logo

Location: 5410 College Ave Oakland, CA 94618


  • Mon-Thu: 6am-9pm
  • Fri: 6am-2pm
  • Sat: 7am-12pm
  • Sun: 8am-12pm

Sweat Health + Fitness specializes in circuit-based HIIT group classes. Clients choose from strength-based interval workouts, indoor cycling, or private training. Additional amenities give a spa feel, and include a sauna, cold plunge, and a reset room.

Classes & Services:

  • Lower Body HIIT Strength
  • Mature Muscle Strength Training
  • Total Body Strength + Endurance Sweat
  • Outdoor fitness classes
  • Cardio & Core
  • Total Body HIIT Power
  • Cardio & Arms class
  • Group Fitness Training
  • Personal Training
  • Virtual Consultations
  • Sauna
  • Cold plunge
  • Reset room

Memberships & Pricing:

  • Intro 1st Month Unlimited, $99
  • Unlimited classes/month membership, $250
  • Single class, $27
  • 10-class pack, $250
  • 15-class pack, $345
  • 25-class pack, $525
  • 50 group classes, $950
  • Single private training session, $100
  • 5 private training sessions, $490
  • 10 private training sessions, $950
  • 20 private training sessions, $1,800


8. 17 Reasons Athletic Club

17 Reasons Athletic Club

Location: 1920 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94110


  • Mon: 5:45 am–1 pm, 5–7:45 pm
  • Tues: 5:45–10 am, 5–7:45 pm
  • Wed: 5:45–11 am, 5:15–7:45 pm
  • Thu: 5:45–10 am, 5:15–7:45 pm
  • Fri: 5:45–11 am
  • Sat & Sun: 7:45 am–12 pm

17 Reasons Athletic Club, a queer woman-owned gym, offers a supportive community with a focus on cycling and strength training. Classes cater to various fitness levels and include Cycle, Cycle & Core, Cycle & Lift, and Strength Circuit. The gym aims to create an inclusive space, welcoming all members and features bike parking and gender-neutral restrooms.

Classes & Services:

  • Bike parking
  • Cycle & Core
  • Cycle & Lift
  • Friday Funcycle
  • Gender-neutral restrooms
  • Strength Circuit

Memberships & Pricing:

  • 5 classes/month membership, $110
  • 9 classes/month membership, $150
  • Unlimited classes/month membership, $175


9. Fitness Therapy

Fitness Therapy

Location: 20 S. Linden Ave #1B, South San Francisco, CA 94080


  • Mon: 6am-1pm, 4:15-7:15pm
  • Tues: 6-11am, 4:15-8:15pm
  • Wed: 6-11am, 4:15-7:15pm
  • Thu: 6-11am, 4:15-7:15pm
  • Fri: 6-11am, 4:15-6pm
  • Sat: 7am-12pm
  • Sun: 8am-1pm

Fitness Therapy has been part of the South San Francisco community since 2011. The studio offers personal training, group fitness classes, yoga, and specialized lift sessions. Amenities include private parking, EVOLT360 body tracking, and an online scheduling app. 

Classes & Services:

  • FT Group X class
  • Yoga 
  • Lift sessions
  • Fight class
  • Personal training
  • Private parking
  • EVOLT360 body tracking
  • Scheduling app
  • Online store

Memberships & Pricing:

  • Unlimited classes/month membership, $299/month
  • Unlimited classes/year membership, $259/month
  • Single class package, $40
  • 5-class pack, $190
  • 10-class pack, $350


10. O2 BodyFit

O2 BodyFit logo

Location: 56 Hill St, Daly City, CA 94014


  • Mon-Thu: 5:30am-10:30am, 4-8pm
  • Fri: 5:30-7am, 4-8pm

O2 BodyFit focuses on personal and small group training, bootcamp, and obstacle course race training. The gym aims to help clients burn fat, tone up, and achieve their fitness goals with support from experienced trainers. Additional services include a youth basketball clinic and the Weekend Warriors class.

Classes & Services:

  • Bootcamp
  • Obstacle course race training
  • Personal and small group training
  • Youth basketball clinic
  • Weekend Warriors

Memberships & Pricing:

  • Single class drop in, $30
  • More pricing information is available by signing up for a free trial


11. The Yard

The Yard logo

Location: 2863 California St, San Francisco, CA 94115


  • Mon-Thu: 6:30am-10pm
  • Fri: 6:30am-7pm
  • Sat & Sun: 8am-2pm

The Yard provides private workout pods, personal training, and group classes at their San Francisco and Mill Valley locations. The gym features exclusive access to fully-equipped pods, tailored personal training sessions, and online coaching. 

Classes & Services:

  • A-factor Fitness
  • Barbell Basics
  • Private gym
  • Personal training
  • Online coaching
  • Group classes

Memberships & Pricing:

  • Unlimited week, $75/week
  • Unlimited month, $260/month
  • Unlimited Partner, $315/month
  • Single class, $37
  • Starter 5-class pack, $36/session


12. Providence Athletic Club

Providence Athletic Club

Location: 2134 Market St, Oakland, CA 94607


  • Mon-Fri: 5am-9pm
  • Sat & Sun: 7am-7pm

Providence Athletic Club, a Black-owned, Latinx-owned, and woman-owned gym, offers strength training, nutrition coaching, and lifestyle support. They aim to provide a community-focused approach, with classes like Landmine and their 5am full body workout.

Classes & Services:

  • Nutrition coaching
  • Lifestyle support
  • Strength training
  • Landmine class
  • 5am full body workout
  • Community workout

Memberships & Pricing:

  • Monthly club access, $250/month
  • Community workout, $30
  • Single class, $45
  • 5-session pack, $200
  • 10-session pack, $350
  • 20-session pack, $600


13. Studio 1024

Studio 1024

Location: 1024 Oak Grove Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010


  • Mon: 6am-7pm
  • Tues: 8:15am-7pm
  • Wed: 6am-7pm
  • Thu: 8:15am-7pm
  • Fri: 6am-12pm
  • Sat: 8:15-10:30am
  • Sun: 8:15am-5pm

Studio 1024 offers a variety of inclusive fitness classes, including barre, Pilates, cardio, and strength training. The studio offers virtual classes and a range of in-person options such as 1024 Strength training, 1024 Sculpt, and Yoga Nidra. The focus is on effective, efficient, and enduring exercises.

Classes & Services:

  • Virtual classes
  • 1024 Barre
  • Power Hour
  • Power 45
  • Cardio Crush
  • Mat pilates
  • 1024 Strength training
  • 1024 Sculpt
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Yang to Yin Vinyasa Flow

Memberships & Pricing:

  • Unlimited classes membership, $189/month
  • 4 classes/month membership, $96/month
  • New student single class, $18
  • New student 3 class pack, $59
  • Single class in studio, $34
  • Single class online, $30
  • 7-class pack, $102.24
  • 10-class pack in studio, $280
  • 10-class pack online, $260
  • 8 weeks unlimited classes, $299


14. The Iron House

The Iron House logo

Location: 190F Alamo Plaza, Alamo, CA 94507


  • Mon & Tue: 6-12pm, 4-5pm
  • Wed & Thu: 6-11am, 4-6pm
  • Fri: 6-11am, 3-4pm
  • Sat: 7-10am

The Iron House focuses on five core principles: strength training, metabolic conditioning, coordination/agility, balance/stability, and flexibility/mobility. The gym offers personalized training sessions, small group training, and nutrition guidance.

Classes & Services:

  • Free parking
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Personal training
  • POD Pre/post natal classes
  • Small group personal training
  • Full body POD
  • Lower body POD
  • Upper body POD
  • Metcon POD
  • Strength and glutes POD

Memberships & Pricing:

  • POD personal training, $65/session
  • Private training, $155/session
  • Club membership, $55/session
  • Pro membership, $49/session
  • All-in membership, $33/session


More About Strength Training & Conditioning in San Francisco 

To help you navigate your options and succeed in your fitness journey, here are the answers to some of the most common questions about strength training and conditioning.


Is strength and conditioning the same as CrossFit? 

No, strength training and conditioning are not the same as CrossFit. While both focus on building physical fitness, strength and conditioning emphasize developing muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall athletic performance through a variety of exercises and training methods. 

CrossFit, on the other hand, combines elements of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, and more in a specific, competitive format.


Do I need to have prior experience in strength training to join a conditioning class in San Francisco?

You don’t need prior experience to join in on the fun. Most San Francisco gyms and fitness studios offer classes that cater to all fitness levels, including beginners. 

Instructors typically provide modifications and guidance to ensure that everyone, regardless of experience, can participate safely and effectively. It’s always a good idea to inform the instructor about your fitness level and any specific concerns you might have before the class begins.


How can I find the schedule for strength training and conditioning classes in San Francisco?

To find the schedule for strength training and conditioning classes, visit the official websites of gyms and fitness studios, as most have a dedicated schedule section. Many gyms also use apps for easy schedule management. 

If all else fails, call or email the gym directly for their current class schedule. 


What should I bring with me to a strength training or conditioning class in San Francisco?

Bring a water bottle, towel, and comfortable workout attire that allows for a full range of motion. Athletic shoes with good support are essential. 

Some gyms may require or recommend bringing your own yoga mat, resistance bands, or other small equipment. Always check with the specific gym or studio for any additional recommendations or requirements.


Try the Best Strength Training & Conditioning Classes in San Francisco 

San Francisco offers a diverse array of strength training and conditioning classes tailored to meet various fitness levels and goals. From high-end facilities to boutique studios, the city provides ample opportunities for residents to enhance their physical health and well-being.

Experience the unparalleled quality of strength training and conditioning classes at Live Fit Gym. With multiple locations across San Francisco, including the expansive Castro facility and the historic Inner Richmond gym, they offer a range of classes and services to meet diverse fitness needs. 

Try Live Fit Gym today!

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