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Hailey Friedman

Hailey Friedman

It’s never too late to start living fit. 

San Francisco is a great city for fitness lovers. And what better way to get into the fit lifestyle than with a workout class at one of the best gyms in San Francisco?

You are more likely to stay motivated, accountable, and energized after signing up for a class. Along with the other well-known benefits of exercising regularly, people in workout classes enjoy structure, variety, community, and arguably, more fun! 

We rounded up some of the best workout classes in San Francisco to get your hearts pumping and your bodies moving.


Best Workout Classes in San Francisco

When choosing a workout class, there are so many factors to consider from location to hours to the classes and services they provide to the membership tiers and pricing. We’ve laid out all the information you need to make a decision below.

1. Live Fit Gym The Castro

Live Fit Gym logo

Location: 2145 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114


  • Mon-Fri: 5am-10pm
  • Sat-Sun: 6am-6pm

Classes & Services:

At Live Fit Gym The Castro, fitness trainers guide groups through workout classes that offer unique fitness and wellness experiences. From sound-bath yoga to pilates to TRX suspension to dumbbells to functional training to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for your core, there’s so much to explore and then some.

The Castro Gym

Castro classes include: 

  • Calisthenics: A form of fitness which utilizes gravity and bodyweight, involving simple movements, like stretching, jumping, bending, and kicking, that don’t involve a lot of equipment.
  • Circuit Training: A form of body conditioning that involves muscular endurance training with full-body aerobics exercises performed in a circuit.
  • Hatha Yoga: Involves a set of yoga poses and breathing techniques, practiced more slowly and with more static posture holds than perhaps a vinyasa flow class. hatha is about finding
  • Heat the Beat Strength: Connect with your body and achieve new limits with this strength training circuit that combines bodyweight exercises and functional movements with minimal equipment.
  • High Fitness: A zero-equipment, full-body workout that improves overall endurance, stamina, strength, and cardiovascular health. The 60-minute class includes warming up, toning, cardio, barre, and stretching.
  • HIIT It: A training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods.
  • Live Fit-level Up: Class consists of a fundamental mobility warm up, 5 exercises in two-minute rounds each that are done twice, and then a final push at the end. afterwards, the class finishes with static stretches for a cooldown to help lower heart rate and work on relaxing the muscles.
  • Lunch Box: A power-packed boxing and hiit training class designed to get you in and out with simple combos and footwork drills will challenge even the most seasoned boxer, but won’t discourage the newcomers. Let us show you how we serve up this midday knuckle sandwich!
  • Mat Pilates: is a strengthening and lengthening form of exercise that focuses on your core muscles while also training your arms and legs utilizing your body weight. this class incorporates all the key principles of pilates such as postural alignment, breathing, strength, controlled movement and flexibility.
  • Metcon: A workout that combines strength and cardio conditioning, as well as both anaerobic and aerobic exercises.
  • Reset & Restore: This 45-minute class is a mobility class that will help calm your nervous system with a combination of static stretches, mobility flows, as well as controlled breathing.
  • Strength & Conditioning: Instructor-guided through functional resistance and cardiovascular training to give you a full-body workout—the perfect combination for strengthening your heart and muscles.
  • Slow Flow Yoga: Learn to combine breathing, flowing postures and meditation in this gentle, but deep approach to vinyasa yoga. this slower-paced flow class allows time to explore the postures while cultivating strength, flexibility, balance, and calm.
  • Total Body Bootcamp: High-intensity interval training w/kettlebell and dumbbell exercises. making you mentally and physically stronger in 45-minutes!
  • Total Body HIIT: High-intensity interval training is a full-body training technique in which you give one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts

Memberships & Pricing:

  • Premier: $127 per month 
    • Grants you access to all eight Live Fit Gym locations (including Fairmont & Castro)
  • Tune-Up: $207 per month
    • Grants you access to all eight Live Fit Gym locations (including Fairmont & Castro)
    • Adds two chiropractic adjustments per month
  • Wellness: $367 per month
    • Grants you access to all eight Live Fit Gym locations (including Fairmont & Castro)
    • Adds four chiropractic adjustments per month

Explore the classes and sign up today.

Local San Francisco residents can sign up for a free day pass to the gym.


2. Live Fit Gym Inner Richmond

Live Fit Gym logo

Location: 403 Arguello Blvd in San Francisco


  • Mon-Sun: 5AM-11PM

Classes & Services:

At Live Fit Gym Inner Richmond, you can master specialized techniques and movements you can perform anytime, anywhere. Expand your network with friends and like-minded people as you collectively discover the value of togetherness in wellness.

Enjoy these workout classes at Live Fit Gym: 

  • Super-Set Cal-Aesthetics: Achieve the aesthetics of a summer body utilizing bodyweight exercises to increase strength and stability. 
  • Next Phase Circuit Training: This full-body strength training workout utilizes compound movements to burn fat & gain lean muscle.
  • Muscle Maxout Monday: Build size & achieve maximum hypertrophy by utilizing full-body supersets for harnessing muscle-building techniques.
  • Vinyasa Yoga: This yoga class emphasizes the sequential movement between postures, coordinated with & guided by deliberate breath.
  • Ath-elite Training with Ernest: Combining metabolic & power training in a unique formula to help you achieve an elite athletic.
  • Metabolic Master: Master your metabolism with this high intensity interval training workout to enhance your cardiovascular fitness.

Memberships & Pricing:

  • Premier: $127 per month 
    • Grants you access to all eight Live Fit Gym locations (including Fairmont & Castro)
  • Tune-Up: $207 per month
    • Grants you access to all eight Live Fit Gym locations (including Fairmont & Castro)
    • Adds two chiropractic adjustments per month
  • Wellness: $367 per month
    • Grants you access to all eight Live Fit Gym locations (including Fairmont & Castro)
    • Adds four chiropractic adjustments per month

Explore the classes and sign up today.

Local San Francisco residents can sign up for a free day pass to the gym.


3. Hit Fit SF

Hit Fit SF logo

Location: 1150 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94107


  • Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 7am-11am, 4pm-8pm
  • Sat: 8am-12pm
  • Closed Wednesday Mornings!

Classes & Services:

Hit Fit SF offers HIIT classes and boxing classes:

  • HIIT 40: Take your conditioning to the next level with a 40-minute high-intensity cardio and core class with kettlebells, battle ropes, TRX, box jumps, slam balls, and bodyweight drills.
  • Beg. Boxing 1 and 2: Learn all the punches, footwork, and head movement needed to transition into Intermediate Boxing.
  • Intermediate Boxing: Non-contact, but real combinations and authentic boxing taught by real boxers.
  • Advanced Boxing: A more technically advanced, faster-paced boxing class for those who have fully mastered the Intermediate Boxing class.
  • 10 Rounds!: A 40-minute boxing blast that involves 10×3 minute rounds with 1-minute breaks

Memberships & Pricing:

  • Memberships include:
    • 12-Month Agreement: $149
    • 6-Month Agreement: $169
    • Month to Month Agreement: $189
  • Classpacks and Drop-Ins:
    • First class: $15
    • Class Drop-in: $30
    • 5-Class Pack: $145


4. Tribe


Location: 222 Columbus Ave #220, San Francisco, CA 94133


  • Mon-Fri: 6am-8pm
  • Sat-Sun: 8am-3pm

Classes & Services:

At Tribe, you can join 

  • Group fitness and yoga classes
  • Expert personal training
  • Nutritional coaching
  • Meditation courses and modules
  • Personal development coaching in all men’s or all women’s groups.

Besides signing up for individual classes, there are numerous ways or bundles to sign up for including 10-class packs, 20-class packs, a 6-week transformation challenge, a year of change membership, a personal training gold program, and a semi-private personal training gold program.

Memberships & Pricing:

Individual classes can range from $15 to $100. Membership prices will vary depending on the type of class.


5. SoulCycle


Location: 400 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114


  • Mon: 9am-8pm
  • Tues-Thurs: 6:30am-8pm
  • Fri: 6:30am-6:30pm
  • Sat: 7am-1pm
  • Sun: 8am-2pm

Classes & Services:

SoulCycle defines itself as a 45-minute, high-intensity, indoor cycling, cardio workout. Instructors coach cyclists through climbs, sprints, choreography, weights, and life advice. 

There are many classes and instructors to choose from, including themed music classes such as 2000s VS. 2010s or Dua Lipa VS. Ariana Grande VS. Britney Spears.

Memberships & Pricing:

As a first-time cyclist, you can unlock two weeks of unlimited rides for $99 or sign up for one new class for just $25. Other class packs available range from one to 30 classes.


6. F45 Training

F45 Training

Location: 2675 Geary Boulevard Suite e101, San Francisco CA 94118


  • Mon-Fri: 6am-8:45am, 5pm-6:45pm
  • Sat: 9am-11:15am
  • Sun: 9am-10:45am

Classes & Services:

F45 Training City Center in San Francisco offers functional group classes, boasting over 5,000 dynamic, energy-packed movements and over 80 workouts with a team you never knew you needed.

  • Mondays and Wednesdays: Cardio-hybrid and cardio classes.
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays: Resistance classes where strength training meets functional movements.
  • Fridays and Saturdays: Hybrid classes that touch upon a little bit of everything with a mix of cardio and resistance training.

Memberships & Pricing:

Local residents who are first-timers can unlock seven days of classes for just $7. Book an individual class for $35 or sign up for a class pack or membership package.


7. Rumble Boxing

Rumble Boxing

Location: 3060 Fillmore St, Suite 120-A, San Francisco, CA 94123


  • Mon: 6:30am-1:30pm, 3pm-8pm
  • Tues: 5:30am-10am, 4pm-8pm
  • Wed: 5:30am-10am, 3pm-8pm
  • Thu: 6:30am-1:30pm, 4pm-8pm
  • Fri: 5:30am-1:30pm, 3pm-7pm
  • Sat-Sun: 7:30am-1pm

Classes & Services:

Rumble Boxing entails a 10-round, 45-minute fight that is evenly divided between two styles of training: one being boxing, and the other being resistance training. They’ll teach you the six essential punches: the jab, the backhand cross, the front hook, the back hook, the front uppercut, and the back uppercut.

They offer a plethora of class types and options for people with different goals and experience levels. 

Classes include:

  • The original 10-round workout
  • Free introductory class
  • The fundamental class
  • The 5V5: five consecutive round class
  • The 60-minute level up
  • The 30-minute boxing only advanced class
  • 30-minute strength only advanced class

Memberships & Pricing:

Different memberships take people’s commitment levels into account with drop-in class options, four classes a month, eight classes a month, and unlimited classes for next-level Rumble results.

Pricing will vary depending on the package. One class is $40, five classes are $190.00, and 10 classes are $370.


8. Barry’s


Location: 2280 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114


  • Mon-Fri: 6am-8pm
  • Sat: 7am-3:30pm
  • Sun: 7am-5pm

Classes & Services:

Barry’s workout involves three exciting classes: 

  • Tread (Run the Red Room): Instructors will guide you through a run on Woodway treadmills at different speeds
  • Floor (Get Hot and (Lift) Heavy): Students will work on a different muscle group every day of the week
  • Red Room (Home is Where the Hustle is): You’re met with lights, music, and people. Before you realize it, you’ve entered a community that will keep you motivated.

Memberships & Pricing:

Class packages and recurring memberships may depend on the location you choose. In San Francisco, expect one class to be $37 and an eight classes per-month membership to be $260.


9. CORE40


Location: 1390 Larkin Street, San Francisco CA 94109


  • Mon: 5:30am-8pm
  • Tues, Thurs: 6:40am-8pm
  • Wednesday: 6:30am-8pm
  • Fri: 6:40am-6:10pm
  • Sat: 7:30am-12:30pm
  • Sun: 8:15am-5:50pm

Classes & Services:

At Core40, you can anticipate a rewarding full-body workout with innovative equipment, namely their Megaformer, and low-impact, high-intensity movements. Their philosophy is that every detail must be perfected from the studio aesthetics and curated music to their top-notch caring coaches, which they promise all together creates an epic experience.

Memberships & Pricing:

Core40 has three distinct tiers:

  • Get Started:
    • First Class: $20
    • Single Session: $35
  • Energize:
    • First Month: $149
    • 10 Sessions: $300
  • Transform
    • VIP Unlimited Monthly 12-Month Commitment: $209
    • VIP Unlimited Monthly 3-Month Commitment: $249

10. TruFusion


Location: 250 Fremont St, San Francisco CA 94105


  • Mon: 6:30am-8:15pm
  • Tues, Thurs: 6am-8pm
  • Wed: 7am-8:15pm
  • Fri: 7am-6:15pm
  • Sat: 9am-12pm
  • Sun: 9am-12:30pm

Classes & Services:

At TruFusion, you can find four heated and unheated fitness studios where you can try: 

  • Yoga 
  • Barre  
  • Cycle 
  • Boxing 
  • Bootcamp 
  • HIIT 
  • Kettlebells and battle ropes 
  • Pilates 
  • And more! 

Memberships & Pricing:

  • For class packs, you can choose from single, five classes, and 10 classes. Recurring membership types include monthly, six months, and 12 months.
  • Prices and offerings vary by location. 




Location: 1529 Haight St, San Francisco CA 94117


  • Mon,Tues, Thurs: 5:45am–1pm, 4:30pm–8pm
  • Wed: 5:45am-1pm, 5:15pm-8pm
  • Fri: 5:45am-1pm, 4:30pm-5:30pm
  • Sat: 7:30am-1pm
  • Sun: 8am-1pm

Classes & Services:

BODYROK accomplishes what most workouts do in 60 minutes in 45 minutes. Their workout is designed to improve your energy and fuel your metabolism. During their sculpt class, be prepared to plank, lunge, squeeze, pike, twist, jump, and push your body out of its comfort zone.

Memberships & Pricing:

  • First-time visitors: one month with five classes is $99, or one month for $149.
  • One class: $35
  • 20 classes: $549 
  • Memberships range from four times a month for $129 to unlimited for $279.


12. Body Temp

Body Temp

Location: 2425 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123


  • Mon: 6:45am-10:45am, 2:45pm-9:30pm
  • Tues: 7:45am-9am, 4:30pm-9:30pm
  • Wed: 2:45pm-7:45pm
  • Thurs: 7:45am-9am, 4:30pm-7:45pm
  • Fri: 6:45am-10:45am, 2:45pm-7:45pm
  • Sat: 9am-12pm
  • Sun: 8:45am-12pm, 4:15pm-6pm

Classes & Services:

Body Temp Yoga + Wellness focuses on three different aspects: 

  • yoga 
  • fitness
  • wellness 

Attend in-studio classes, watch on-demand fitness videos, and stream live wellness classes.

Memberships & Pricing:

Prices will vary depending on the type of class you are interested in. 

  • On-demand fitness videos: Start a 3-day free trial and then pay $14.99 a month. 
  • Live wellness classes: Start with one class for $29 and work your way up to 20 classes for $400. 
  • Memberships: Start at one month unlimited for $129 to one year unlimited for $1,299.


Benefits of Taking Workout Classes in San Francisco 

Workout classes aren’t simply the latest trend. They continue to be the leading way to get fit and stay healthy. 

Joining a routine workout class enhances every aspect of your health and increases the likelihood that you’ll stay in great shape. One study found that 95 percent of people who started a weight loss program with friends fully completed it, compared to the 76 percent of people who went through the program alone. Those who completed the program with friends were also 42 percent more likely to maintain their weight loss.

Here are a few examples of how taking workout classes benefits you physically, socially, and mentally.


Physical Health Benefits of Workout Classes

Take a look at some of the physical benefits of workout classes: 

  • Strengthen bones
  • Reduce the risk of disease
  • Great for weight management
  • Ability to learn the proper form of exercises from fitness instructors
  • Stick to a structure or a daily, weekly, or monthly routine
  • Enjoy a variety of workouts to stay engaged and promote full-body wellness


Social Health Benefits of Workout Classes

Here are some of the many social benefits that come with taking workout classes: 

  • Ability to meet new people
  • Being a part of a larger group or community
  • Ability to make new, shared memories
  • Having more fun with others


Mental Health Benefits of Workout Classes

Some of the ways workout classes impact your mental health include:

  • Improve mood
  • Be more motivated and inspired by other people’s progress and encouragement
  • More likely to stay accountable, stick to the program, and maintain healthy habits long after
  • Be more confident in yourself and your commitment
  • Enhance sleep quality
  • Always have something to look forward to


More About Workout Classes In San Francisco

Here in San Francisco, there are so many workout classes at your disposal. The only problem now is to determine which type is right for you!


What types of workout classes are offered in San Francisco?

Just about every type of workout class is offered in San Francisco, including:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates 
  • Barre
  • Personal training
  • Nutritional coaching
  • Meditation
  • Cycling
  • Cardio
  • Resistance
  • Boxing
  • Treadmill running
  • Full-body workouts
  • HIIT
  • Kettlebell
  • Sculpt
  • On-demand or livestream fitness videos
  • And so much more


How do I sign up for a workout class in San Francisco?

Signing up for a workout class in San Francisco has never been easier. Either visit the studio or gym in person or visit their website to find out more information.

You can sign up in person, online, or via phone by giving their number a call.

For Live Fit Gym, you can sign up for a free day pass as a San Francisco resident or book a free assessment to get matched with a certified personal trainer.


What should I bring with me to a workout class in San Francisco?

Every workout class is different so it’s better to ask each location directly. 

For the most part, workout equipment should be provided by the studio or gym itself. 

If you are taking a yoga class, you can likely bring your own mat. 

Wear athletic attire: compression fabrics for intensive workouts and breathable material for cardio sessions. Make sure you are comfortable and can freely move around.

Regardless of the workout class you sign up for, it’s important to bring your excited, can-do attitude! 


Experience the Best Workout Class in San Francisco

With all these options in front of you, how will you choose the best San Francisco workout class for you? 

First, consider your personal goals and priorities. 

  • Do you mainly want to meet new people and have fun?
  • Do you want to focus on losing weight?
  • Do you want to build more muscle?

Second, consider your interests and fitness levels.

  • Are you able to keep up with high-intensity workouts?
  • Does yoga, cycling, or running on a treadmill speak to you?

Third, consider how much time you have and how much money you are willing to spend.

  • How many classes can you commit to in a month? How about a year?
  • How many first-time free classes or limited-time deals can you take advantage of?

By asking yourself these questions, you’ll be that much closer to joining the workout class you’ve always needed to achieve the healthy body of your dreams.

Live Fit Gym offers workout classes for everyone at varying levels of experience. Different membership tiers are meant to align with your needs and goals. 

With multiple gym locations across San Francisco, you can take advantage of the equipment, group classes, personal training, and spa and massage therapy sessions Live Fit offers. Other fitness and wellness services include softwave, chiropractic care, facials and waxing, acupuncture, physical therapy, and 8-week wellness packs.

Explore Live Fit Gym’s classes and sign up today!

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