Yoga is a combination of strength, balance, and flexibility.
Add a yoga class to your regimen to develop a healthier mind in addition to a healthy body.

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Wendy Sztco

Wendy Szeto


Wendy was born and raised in San Francisco and was certified in Ashtanga Yoga in 2009. As an instructor, she believes in having fun while working out. She mixes humor in with her classes to make the time pass by faster while becoming healthier at the same time. She is most experienced in stretching, abdominal work, and overall toning of the body. Wendy believes that becoming more fit will make one more aware of his or her own body. Going by feel is often more effective than trying to calculate everything and endlessly reading articles during time that could be spent working out. She pays close attention to detail and form. She also doesn’t believe in rationalizing faults. Actions speak louder than words. Her hobbies include visual art, humor, fitness, relaxation, shopping, and quick witted conversations.

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