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The LiveFit personal training program offers a one-on-one personalized experience with one of our certified rockstar trainers. Whether you’re coming in for weight loss, strength training, or functional training, we’ve got just the specialist for you.

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Meet the Trainers

Chad Deniston

ASM, Certified Personal Trainer
Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science

Areas of Specialty:
Exercise Mechanics
Rehabilitation Training
Weight Training
Circuit Training
Weight Management

Chad’s love for fitness and exercise began at a very early age as soon as he discovered sports. Since he was a child, he has been a fanatic and played a wide variety of sports and activities including basketball, football, soccer, snowboarding, hiking, and weightlifting. Helping people is a passion of Chad’s and he wants everyone to learn healthy lifestyle habits they can continue to utilize throughout their lives. Having sustained quite a few injuries throughout his athletic life and through his kinesiology studies, he understands how difficult injuries can be to overcome mentally as well as physically and can provide rehabilitation training necessary to aid those old nagging injuries. Chad believes exercise is a lifestyle that should be embraced by every single individual regardless of age or ability level and would love to help everyone achieve this philosophy because being sedentary is extremely unhealthy. He understands the importance of balancing diet as well as exercise and can create a tailor-made program for each individual to reach their specific goals.

“Hard Work Pays Off”

Coco Koster

NASM, Certified Personal Trainer

Areas of Specialty:
Injury Recovery
Strength Training
Weight Loss

Coco integrates her knowledge as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer in designing customized, progressive programs for her clients. She specializes in mobility and flexibility, form, and recovering from injuries, while keeping her clients engaged and on their toes. In her spare time, you will find her hiking the amazing trails of San Francisco, in a cycling class, or drinking a cup of coffee.

Dani Belli

NASM, Certified Personal Trainer

Areas of Specialty:
Muscle Gain
Strength Training
Weight Loss

From a young age Dani was involved in dance classes and sports, specifically softball and volleyball. Through these disciplines, she was introduced to strength training. Anything that enhanced her ability to jump higher and spike that ball harder she quickly became obsessed with. In her adult life Dani became a serious gym enthusiast. She experimented with CrossFit and yoga but ultimately it was simple strength training that won her over.

Learning how to craft the exact body she wanted not only fulfilled the physical but also the mental aspect of training. Struggling with anxiety, Dani found that the best medicine was getting those endorphins flowing at the gym. An hour of putting everything you have into your body allows you to come out with a whole new mindset. There’s nothing more fulfilling then passing on your knowledge to help someone who may be struggling with the same things as you, so she took her passion and set out to do just that.

“On good days, work out. On bad days, work out harder”

Eden Robinson

NASM, Certified Personal Trainer
RYT200 Yoga Instructor

Areas of Specialty:
Core Strength & Stabilization
Function Movement

While Eden worked as a rock climbing trainer to kids, her favorite part of the job was coaching them in overcoming their fears and discovering how strong they truly are. Now, as a personal trainer she gets to do the same thing with her clients, showing them what their bodies and minds are capable of. Unlike other trainers, Eden’s fitness journey did not start until college. This works in her and her clients’ favors as there is a level of comfort with her when you are a beginning your fitness journey yourself and just gaining your confidence.

When Eden is not working out she likes to discover new comedies on Netflix, work on her next tattoo design and go on trail runs while listening to the latest P!nk album.

“Give thanks to what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow”

Ellen Pointer

NSCA, Certified Personal Trainer

Areas of Specialty:
Weight Loss
Strength Training
Mobility & Stability
Athletic Conditioning

Ellen Pointer is a Personal Trainer who believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness. As a high school and college athlete, Ellen has always had a passion for fitness. In the middle of her college career, Ellen realized the importance of fitness in her life and changed her major from English to Fitness Management. From that point forward, she has pushed herself to pursue her dreams of helping people with their health and fitness goals.

Ellen has seen clients with goals ranging from fat loss to muscle gain and loves to see them transform not just physically, but mentally. Watching a client go from low self-esteem to extreme self-confidence is an ultimate fulfillment for her. In her spare time, Ellen enjoys drawing, writing poetry, cooking, hiking and working out.

“Kaizen: the Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency”

Javier De La Barrera

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education & Recreation
TRX Suspension Trainer
NASM, Certified Personal Trainer

Areas of Specialty:
Injury Recovery
Kick Boxing
HIIT & Circuit Training
Muscle Development

Javier is a world’s personal trainer trotter, with more than 30 years of experience under his belt, he has changed people’s lives in many different countries. He is always willing to share his knowledge & love for fitness to everyone who crossed his path. Javier wakes up every morning feeling satisfied being a personal trainer and with the excitement for meeting his clients for another active session.

“Don’t wish for a good body, work for it”

Jeremiah Leaupepe

NAFT, Certified Personal Trainer

Areas of Specialty:
Muscle Gain
Weight Loss
Mind/Muscle Relationships through Movement

After losing his mother due to health complications, Jeremiah began his fitness journey with himself. After losing over 40lbs himself, he has found a passion for fitness, leading a healthy life and helping others come to the same conclusion. When asked his favorite part of training clients, Jeremiah will always say that it is seeing his clients find the rewards of all of their hard work, especially when achieving their goals.

“Failure will never overtake me if my desire to succeed is strong enough”

Monica Williams

NASM, Certified Personal Trainer
NASM, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Areas of Specialty:
Circuit & HIIT Training
Functional Movement
Core Strengthening
Corrective Exercise

Monica’s passion for fitness came to fruition after experiencing a tremendous loss in her personal life. She realized daily exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle were critical to sustaining a positive attitude and outlook on life.

Monica has lost over 30 pounds, overcome cancer, and personally rehabilitated herself from a myriad of injuries and surgeries. She loves helping others overcome obstacles and achieve their personal goals. Let her show you how to increase your awareness of mind, body and spirit so you may become your best self yet!

When Monica is not training her clients, she loves urban hikes around the city, camping, cooking, dancing, traveling and spending time with her family.

Nicole Yessler

EXOS, Fitness Specialist
CPR/AED Certified

Areas of Specialty:
Strength and Resistance
Training Motivation
Circuit Training
Weight Loss & Nutrition

Fitness and nutrition have been integral parts of Nicole’s life since she was a child. Growing up outside of Washington D.C., she was an avid athlete, excelling in sports such as tennis, track, and golf. In 2013, Nicole joined an elite personal training studio under the ownership and guidance of a successful ex-Army officer who taught her the ropes of personal training and the art of connecting one-on-one with a diverse client base. In 2016, Nicole developed a strong relationship with another reputable gym in Prague, furthering her certainty that teaching others to love their bodies and keeping them at an optimal level was her calling. Upon moving to San Francisco, Nicole took a position at a prestigious consulting firm, utilizing her BS in Finance. She kept her long-term fitness career goals in mind, and maintained her workout routine despite long hours. Eventually, Nicole made the switch to pursue her dream of personal training and couldn’t be happier. Nicole hopes to use her story to motivate others who may be stuck between a rock and a hard place, and to help her clients become the most successful versions of themselves, mentally and physically. Her goal is to eliminate the intimidation factor of the gym and to help her clients find a personalized love for their workouts. With her personable and encouraging attitude, Nicole ensures that she and her client will work as a team to embark on a fitness journey together and surpass client goals.

“I will help you to listen to your body, find a workout routine YOU love, and make life-changing steps towards your dream goals.”

Rickey McLane

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Areas of Specialty:
Strength and Conditioning
Functional Bodybuilding
Weight-Loss & Management
Corrective Exercise

Rickey is a former collegiate baseball player. Growing up playing organized sports, he learned from a young age the importance of movement. Rickey struggled with body image issues and anxiety before falling in love with fitness. He believes exercise is an escape from reality, a place to minimize stressors, alleviate anxieties, and have fun.

As a fitness professional, Rickey is passionate about guiding people toward a healthier lifestyle. He believes that everyone is unique and deserves a program that caters to their strengths, abilities, and schedules. He aims to transform clients’ bodies and influence them to make more mindful decisions regarding their health. Rickey McLane ACE Certified Personal Trainer ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Rocky Hall

NSCA, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology

Areas of Specialty:
Sport Specific Strength Training
Olympic Lifting
Functional Movement
Weight Loss & Management

Rocky grew up in the state of Wisconsin where he gained his passion for playing sports like football, wrestling and track. Through his experiences competing at the college level and being a part of a nationally ranked division 3 football team, he has learned the amount of dedication and hard work that it takes to achieve one’s goals. Since completing his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and gaining his NSCA certification, he has turned his passion for the sport of football into providing support, guidance and encouragement to help people unleash their full potential in whatever they desire.

Rocky believes that with the right tools, hard work and a specific individualized program, anyone can achieve the goals they set their mind to. When assisting you to reach your goals, Rocky uses three main components – resistance training, cardio and nutrition – to create a specific program that will not only show you a healthy life but will help you achieve things that you thought were impossible.

Vanessa Arquero

NASM, Certified Personal Trainer
Associates Degree in Science, Behavioral Science

Areas of Specialty:
Postural Correction
Weight Loss & Maintenance
Core Strength Training
Corrective Exercise

Vanessa found her love and passion for fitness while travelling abroad. Having spent a year away after her studies in Behavioral Science, she was able to drop 60 pounds with the mindset that, “If you want it that bad, you need to be willing to put in the work!”

Vanessa will help you build the consistency you need in your daily life to feel and look better. All she needs from you is your willingness to try!